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Q: What is a Live Centre?

A: Live centres are used in the tail stock of a lathe, the main use is as a support for work pieces help in the chuck.

Q: How long does it take to build a new live centre?

A: Each live centre is different. We usually spend the most amount of time grinding the front 60 degree face which is why they are so accurate.

Q: Do you manufacture “made to order” live centres?

A: Yes we do, contact us for a quotation.

Q: Can I return a damaged live centre?

A: Yes, we offer a rebuild service for all of our Live Centres.

Q: How much weight can each live centre handle?

A: The weights vary according to the sizes and are listed on the website. We rate all of our centres at 50% capacity.

Q: Why buy a Daintree Tools product?

A: The accuracy and load capacity make the Daintree Live Centre one of the most versatile and accurate centres in the world.

Q: What happens if there’s been a delivery mishap with my order? (Damaged or lost delivery)

A: We will always support our customers and work with them to make sure they get what they order.

Q: What is the accumulated delivery fee for?

A: We charge freight at what it costs us.

Q: How much is the handling fee?

A: We have no handling fee.

Q: Where can I purchase these products?

A: You can purchase Daintree Live Centres from your closest engineering supply company.